FINALLY! Easy-To-Implement Daily Routines
that will bring peace to your day
WITHOUT feeling rigid or overwhelmed!
ONLY 20.00 9.00 today!
But Why Daily Routines?!
We were having A LOT of challenging days back to back! You know the ones, where breakdowns from your kids (and you) seem to happen right and left!? 
Nothing was going as planned. And then it hit me like a baby's cry in the middle of the night.
It wasn't going as planned because I DID NOT HAVE A PLAN!
I was at a point where schedules felt a little too daunting and restrictive so I just gave up on all schedules and that was a big mistake!

Without some sort of rhythm and routine to our day things got chaotic real quick!
I knew we needed a CHANGE!!
That's why I created Daily Routines
{to keep the peace}!

Over 15 daily routines included!

Great for homeschooling, virtual learning or routines for before and after school!

Editable daily routines are also included so you can customize your chart.

Daily Feel Goods for each part of the day to keep your children (and you) positive!

Sequencing practice (ex: 1st, 2nd, 3rd) to get them in the habit of following multi-step directions.

Reward Chart that will give your children a since of accomplishment for all they have done!

Name Spaces on each Routine Chart and Reward Chart so you can print and use for multiple children.

A simple Daily Schedule is included with a flow for your day that compliments the routines beautifully.

Editable Daily Schedule so you can add your specific details for your day.

And so much more with this fully customizable Daily Routines!

Reviews from happy customers...

For years, I have loved following Lindsey and learning from her creative, hands on approach to motherhood. This awesome routine system does not disappoint! It is well thought out, flexible and simply cute! Lindsey has done a great job creating something that will bring balance to your day along with being a fun way to intentionally teach your kids responsibility. One of our family mottos is  “Team work makes the dream work!” and this system helps reinforce that.

Haley Ortego

"I am so excited to use these routine charts in our daily lives. As a mom to a toddler and preschooler, I especially appreciate how the routines are broken down into three simple steps to start, with different times of day, which allows for more success opportunities and isn't overwhelming for kids of any age. The affirmations are a unique aspect of the Daily Routines, and it is a great reminder for both kids and parents to slow down and highlight the good in each child, no matter how hectic the day can get!"
Mary Ware

"Thank you so much for this daily routine schedule. I love this routine chart. The colorful card shaped activities are engaging and fun for my kids. These are printable so can be easily printed, cut and pasted on a wall for daily use. It is an amazing resource for parents. I've been wanting something like this for a while now. I have two kids and tried multiple routines with them. Although they respond pretty well to those routines, but I could never stick to them for more than a week. I'm trying this now and I can really see I'm able to contain some of the chaos in my house."

Um Mishael

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